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What exactly is a healthy relationship?

What exactly is a healthy relationship? It is rather difficult so look for the definition of a healthy relationship. When we say someone is having a healthy relationship, in our minds that person may certainly feel happy almost all the time. In fact, someone could be in a bad relationship but feel happy and act like nothing is wrong. Like what the bad relationship? We might call it a bad relationship when in it there are those who are too dominant, discrimination, selfishness, and of course, violence, verbal and nonverbal.

It could be that your relationship with your partner being less intimate, but it does not mean that you have an unhealthy relationship. Rise and fall in love life is a natural thing because there is no constant in life, is not it?

Healthy relationship

So what exactly is a healthy relationship?
Healthy relationships consist of some subjective aspects. First, you have to feel happy in living. Secondly, you should feel good more often than was troubled in living. And third, you should be able to feel happy when you choose to be happy, and not vice versa. What does this mean? Often we bicker with our mate about trivial things, there is no tolerance and maintain their egos. You are not satisfied, but to keep your self-esteem about your friends and family, you say that you are happy, when your inner torment. Why do you say that you are happy? Maybe because you really love your mate. But does this mean you have a healthy relationship? The answer is no. If you feel your relationship has begun to make you miserable, it could be that you are in an unhealthy relationship. But do not ever forget to ponder whether this is enough you for trying to make your relationship healthy.

Being in a healthy relationship is your choice as a mate. For your effort is needed both to achieve it. Of course, you both must strive to keep a commitment, confidence, self-respect and even a little give individual freedom to your mate. All it takes to maintain a healthy relationship.

You must realize that your spouse is a human being who is certainly not infallible. Therefore, a healthy relationship does not necessarily mean that the relationship should be perfect. No relationship is perfect in this world, and no one is perfect in this world as well. Your instincts will guide whether you have a healthy relationship with your mate or not. When you're in a healthy relationship, your mind will say so and those around you will feel it too. Remember that in a healthy relationship, there is no pressure and you or your mate feel happy living it.

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