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5 Fun Things To Do With Your Bae To Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Interesting

5 Fun Things To Do With Your Bae To Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Interesting

Yes, it's hard to maintain healthy communication, trust your partner all the time, and keep the spark alive when you're apart most days, but that doesn't mean your relationship is doomed or that you need to be together 24 hours a day. day, 7 days a week. Work to make it work. You can still do things together and make sure you both live each other's lives, even if you are miles apart. This is not 1950 and you can be there for your digital life and make them feel loved and special. Also, you can plan fun virtual date nights and show your interest with cute gestures to make the relationship fun. Here are some things you can do together while you're away to make your LDR as fun as possible:


1. Watch it excessively together

Rewatch your favorite romantic comedy together or the one you saw on the movie date and laugh at all the things that happened that night. You can also start a new series that has been on your two watchlists and discuss the characters, plot twists, and your fantasies related to the scenes you like.

2. Play the drinking game

The beauty of playing the drinking game with your partner is that you don't necessarily have to be together and still, the fun is not compromised. This could be a really cool virtual date night idea where the two of you can play games like "I've never done that" to find out more about each other or a strange game to spice up your relationship. The only rules are that there are no rules.

3. Write a love note

An old school love letter doesn't have to be handwritten and mailed. You can download your feelings, the best memories together and how much you like and miss them, on your phone and send them while on a Skype call, so you can see them smile and melt into your words as you read them.

4. Send them a help package

Nothing says "I care about you" better than a care package that contains all the things your OS loves. It can be snacks, stationery, cute knickknacks, skincare, or whatever your partner has. You can ask them for their favorite things and write something cute or romantic with them so they will love you with the care package.

5. Make a wish list

Make a list of the things you will do together when you meet after a long breakup. You can plan a vacation or sketch out a full itinerary of how you will spend your time together on the day you have an actual date. Or better yet, skip it and give them a spontaneous visit. They will definitely love it.

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