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Regret after breakup sometimes just pretend

Breakup base of confusion. Breakup inevitably raises the emptiness in my heart. He who is always there (beyond everything sucks about him), suddenly must be considered not there. As a result missed him.

Not infrequently, the days after the breakup are filled with deep regret. You question the accuracy of the separation, the precision of the decision taken, and your ability to stay away from him. You feel you can not, and you feel all this is wrong. You think that what people say, that we will feel the importance of something or someone for our life after he's gone, is true. You love him so much, and you want to bring things back to normal when you're still together.

But, there is one question, is everything that you think is true, or is it just a pretense in mind? Perhaps this is a kind of 'turbulence' in the process of adaptation to your new travels alone.

You have to find out because by knowing the exact reason, you will be able to determine your step forward in the right way. You will not lose the direction and purpose of life.

Regret after breakup
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It could be you just lonely. As I said before, he who used to exist then suddenly abolished would leave a vacuum in your heart. It is natural that you feel alone. To make sure you want him back or just need a distraction, try looking for activities outside that can get you back in control of your focus.

Or maybe, you're awakened by the circumstances that you've been too dependent on your life. It certainly is not a good thing for you, with him or not with him. While you are alone again, you must practice independence and change your mindset about happiness. Whatever you need, get it on your own. If you succeed, this will be good for you and your next relationship.

You do not know how to love him, even to love yourself. You love him to feel so possessed until the unconscious love in yourself goes missing. When he leaves, it's no wonder you lost it all. Not just him, but also yourself. Before attempting to ask him back, it would be nice if you learn to love yourself first.

No matter what you feel, fix everything from yourself first. You want to go back with him, stay alone, or get in touch with a new one again, at least by introspection and learn what's going on, the sadness you feel from the breakup will not be in vain. Read also: 5 Signs your boyfriend still loves his ex-girlfriend.

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