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7 Signs you need marriage counseling

Marriage counseling not only needed by them who are on the edge of divorce. In fact, there are other things beyond the verge of divorce who may need the services of couples therapy. These are seven signs you need marriage counseling:

1. Genesis traumatic

The traumatic life event such as losing a child or a serious illness has the potential to damage the happiness of the household. Marriage counseling can help couples to manage stress and recognize the strange feelings and mixed.

2. Still love each other

If you still love your partner but find a wedding in the tight spot. There's no harm in taking a proactive approach with a marriage counselor to help solve minor issues before becoming bigger.

Marriage counseling

3. Seldom do talk

Communication is the basis of emotional intimacy. If you and your partner are not casual chat with each other and share stories, it's time to seek professional help. A marriage therapist can offer a communication strategy that not only contributes to getting you to talk but to make you share.

4. Emotional infidelity

Emotional infidelity (without physical contact) is also potentially damaging to the marriage. That's because there is someone other than your partner secretly you love. Seek help before it is too late.

5. Money

Money is a source of marital conflict for many couples. If you and your partner are arguing about money, the therapist can help you both within completing to the root of your financial dilemmas and lead to solutions.

6. Anger

Every time you conversation, it always ends with one shouted angrily. Or perhaps intermittently you easily provoked emotions by your partner. The words and actions of your partner were very easily sparking outrage of you. It needs the professional marriage counselor to help you see things underlying hostility.

7. The dramatic changes

If your s*x life suddenly churned cold or intense, you may have reason to worry. According to Valerie Jencks (founder and director of the Prairie Family Therapy in Chicago, USA), she suggested s*xless could indicate an intimate relationship with another person. While the increase in s*xual desire, it may be triggered by the passion of others.

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