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Symptoms and how to prevent stress

Many problems that come barrage sometime make our mind become chaotic. And it make the work should be completed on time, even chaotic because we can not focus to get it done. Chaotic mind it can make us become stressed.

Evidently, stress can be harmful to us. Therefore, we need to recognize the signs of stress early on. Because stress is a symptom of the insane. Wow .. It is fatal once huh? Do not let us experience a mental disorder because the dream and the future that we have such a neat interchanges will definitely chaotic.


Stress is not healthy lifestyle that can be applied in everyday life. We need mental health professional can help ourselves out of stress. Do not be ashamed to meet the mental health professional. For if we are stuck because of shame, our psychological condition get worse. American Psychiatric Association, said that there are some symptoms that is a sign of the need for help from an expert, among others:
  • Feeling tense all the time or are afraid of things that are irrational or unreasonable. 
  • Feeling of sadness or depression that persist. 
  • Changes in mood or mood significantly, which is not in accordance with the previous character. 
  • Feeling difficult to deal with the condition or responsibility daily. 
  • Having delusion or thought unusual. 
  • Experiencing changes in eating habit and sleeping. 
  • Turning his attention to drugs or alcohol. 
  • Feeling very angry or prone to violence. 
  • Thinking about the possibility of suicide. 
  • Often have a dream weird.

Maybe so terrible when you read the signs above. Therefore, there are some tips that can help you to prevent the arrival of stress:
  1. Do not always depend on others, try to always independent. Independence that will make you mentally stronger in dealing with problems in the future. 
  2. Do not be prejudiced that others will insult or talk about you, because it's not necessarily correspond with your suspicion. What we see and hear sometime do not correspond to reality. That's because each person has a different perception.
  3. Do not always remember the mistakes in the past, because of guilt and regret will be difficult and draining a lot of thought and effort. Always focus on the future and introspection during past mistakes it began to boggle your mind. 
  4. Do not keep anger and frustration. Express and talk with the person responsible for the occurrence of the matter. 
  5. Take time every day to start new activities. 
  6. If you are driving should not be an aggressive driver, drive in the accordance with existing standard. 
  7. Do not store envy and jealousy, because guess it takes a lot of energy in the body. 
  8. Do not get used to being in a hurry, because the rush of action will lead to error, regret, and stress. 
  9. Convince yourself that for any test given by God to you, would have been in accordance with the level of our ability to deal with it.
  10. Do not procrastinate. Sometime a person feel within 24 hours is not enough to complete the task. In fact, it all depends on us, how to apply the right way to manage time well so that time can be used as much as possible.

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